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We Remove Pet Stains & Odour

Carpet Cleaning Services for Pet Messes

At Amna Cleaning Services, we clean carpets routinely, so we understand the challenges pet owners face when it comes to maintaining clean and fresh carpets. Our pet stain and odour removal service is designed to tackle even the toughest stains from urine and vomit. If we can’t get rid of urine smell and stains in your carpet, then no one can. Operating in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph, we deliver friendly service, guarantee high-quality cleaning results and reliable, on-time service. Rest assured, we use only the best products in the industry that are safe for you and your pets.

Refresh Your Home, Love Your Pets

Do you have embarrassing pet stains and odours in your home? It might be time to hire the professionals. You can trust Amna Cleaning Services to give you the best carpet cleaning experience. Don’t let your furry friends be the reason your home doesn’t feel welcoming and clean, contact us today to schedule your appointment and say goodbye to pet stains and odours!

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    Why Amna Cleaning Services?

    Because We are the Best

    Specialized Cleaning Equipment: Not only do we use a spray machine and counter-rotating brush to make our job easier and faster, but our truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment ensures a level of cleanliness that goes beyond the surface and deep into the carpet.

    Safe and Effective Chemical Solutions: We use only the best products in the industry. The hydrogen peroxide product we use for pet carpet stains is not only effective at stain and odour removal but is also safe for your pets and family.

    Expertise and Attention to Detail: We have years of experience dealing with all kinds of stains, and not just for pets. Our reputation for delivering high-quality work is reflected by our outstanding reviews.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are committed to ensuring you are satisfied with our cleaning service. While it is uncommon for our customers to be anything but satisfied. If you do find yourself unhappy with our work, we’ll gladly come back and re-clean the area at no extra cost.

    Our Stain and Odour Removal Process

    Step 1:

    Start with a Thorough Vacuuming

    First things first, we start by vacuuming the carpets to remove as much pet fur and dander as possible. This will help prevent us from further embedding the fur and dirt during the cleaning process.

    Step 2:

    Finding the Stains and Odours

    Not all pet messes stand out, and sometimes we need to be pointed in the right direction. Using an Ultra Violet (UV) light, we can scan your carpets to uncover hidden pet stains that are invisible to the naked eye. This will ensure that no spot is left untreated.

    Step 3:

    Pre-treatment with Hydrogen Peroxide

    Using our spray equipment, our hydrogen peroxide-based solution is then applied to the affected areas on the carpet. Using this powerful agent not only breaks down the stains but also neutralizes the odours by attacking the problem at its source.

    Step 4:

    Let the Stain Treatment Do its Job

    After generously applying our specialized treatment to the stains, we then allow it to sit for half an hour. This will give the product time to penetrate deep into the carpet and effectively break down the pet urine and odours.

    Step 5:

    Agitation and Scrubbing

    To ensure a thorough cleaning and enhance the effectiveness of the stain treatment, we will agitate and scrub the carpet with a counter-rotating brush. This will help us to evenly distribute the deodorizer and stain remover, while also lifting up any remaining pet fur.

    Step 6:

    Finish with the Deep Steam Cleaning

    Finally, when the stain treatment has settled, we’ll steam clean the carpets using our advanced truck-mounted equipment. This deep cleaning process penetrates and rinses away any remnants of the stains and odours, as well as leaves your carpets refreshed and sanitized.


    Based on 365 reviews
    Heather Spall
    Heather Spall
    March 6, 2024.
    Wonderful, prompt service. Jasmin did a super job of bringing the carpets back to life. Highly recommend Anna Cleaning Services.
    Kyle Varga
    Kyle Varga
    March 6, 2024.
    Highly recommend Amna Cleaners, very professional work and they pay attention to detail. We’ve tried other steam cleaning companies but others are too pricey and don’t do as good of a job. We will definitely be using Amna again for our other businesses and future cleanings!
    Lindsay Quaglia
    Lindsay Quaglia
    March 5, 2024.
    Amazing service! I hired AMNA to clean the carpets in my home and they did such a great job. With 2 young kids and a dog, the carpets get dirty very quickly especially in the high traffic areas. The duo worked quickly and were done within the 2 hour timeline they promised and my carpets look as good as new! Thank you!
    Colette McAuley
    Colette McAuley
    February 23, 2024.
    Amazing service and results. Carpet looks and smells like new. Even made our cheap foyer carpet look brand new.
    Samir Skrebic
    Samir Skrebic
    February 22, 2024.
    I had Amna yesterday at my place to clean my carpets and some upholstery and they did a fantastic job and they were also super friendly. This is what keeps this small business very successful and best in our area . I would definitely use them again.
    Peter Fuller
    Peter Fuller
    February 20, 2024.
    Fast and efficient! We had our outdoor furniture cushions cleaned and protected in anticipation of summer and wow what a difference. Yasmin is a pleasure to deal with, price was fair.
    queency nagpal
    queency nagpal
    February 19, 2024.
    Amna cleaning services is amazing and superb. Today they clean my house carpet and they saved my thousand dollars in ripping and put new carpet also they remove all dry nail paint stains and other stains from the carpet. They are punctual as well as very professional. I love it :)
    Jayne Russell
    Jayne Russell
    February 2, 2024.
    Amazing service and results! I can’t thank Jasmin enough. He fit us in quickly and completely resolved our carpet issues - they look brand new! Jasmin was such a pleasure to deal with and kept all his promises. I highly recommend AMNA Cleaning Services for your carpet cleaning.
    JELLY Beauty Pro
    JELLY Beauty Pro
    January 22, 2024.
    AMAZED! Amna has truly exceeded our expectations. They are honest, and extremely efficient/professional. Thank you for saving us thousands of dollars on replacing all the carpet throughout our property in Cambridge. We are blown away with your skill and expertise. Thanks again!